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Become an artist

How to become an artist for VIVACANVAS:

VIVACANVAS is a supporter of artists & creators! We always keep an eye out for artist that we can invite to be featured on our website. If your art is being considered to be sold on our website, bellow you’ll find some useful information. If you have not been reached out to but you believe your art fits in with our VIVACANVAS culture don’t hesitate to contact us, we would love to take a look at your art!


Your Rights:

When you sell your art through VIVACANVAS, you own 100% of it. We ask artist to be mindful of the originality of their work and to only create art that is fully original and does not breach the work of others.


Every piece displayed on our site will have the name of the company or artist who designed the work as a part of the piece’s description. Your social media can also be included if you wish!

Artwork Requirements:

  • Your art work must fit in with our VIVACANVAS culture. Some of the themes that surround our artwork are: motivation, money, chic, travel, and culture, however you’re free to make anything else that you feel would fit in with our site.
  • Your design must be in high resolution due to printing purposes.
  • The art work must be in Minimum 300DPI and in RGB mode.
  • 4:3 ratio for the best product fit (ex: 40in x 30in or 4000px x 3000px)
  • You or your company MUST be the rightful owner of your images.


Once a licensing agreement has been made, all you are responsible for is sending us a high quality file and we will take care of the rest (printing, advertising, shipping, etc.).


You will be paid via PayPal on a monthly basis for the previews month’s sales. The percentage of the royalty will be personalized for you on an easy-to-understand legal document that protects you, the artist!

Do you have any additional questions?

Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us so we can further assist. Email us at